Most Recommended Lombok’s Refreshing Waterfalls

Lombok is one of the most famous islands in Indonesia. It is full of many different tourist destinations. Aside from its beautiful beach, Lombok can be said as the home of many beautiful waterfalls in Indonesia. Lombok’s refreshing waterfalls are exceptionally amazing. It is also less crowded, so you can enjoy the scenery on your best.

Lombok’s waterfalls are so abundant. You can look all of them, below!

  1. TuiKelep Waterfall
    Tui Kelep waterfall located in Sebaru district. It placed near to the foot of the amazing Mount Rinjani. To get there, you must hike about 15 minutes from the entrance of this tourist attraction. There’s entrance fee, too, but it is cheap. It is 10.000 IDR, approximately USD $1. The entrance fee also covers the entrance fee to another waterfall called SedangGile waterfall.
  2. SendangGile Waterfall

As it has been said before, SendangGile waterfall is located near to the Tui Kelep waterfall. It is also in Sebaru, North Lombok. You can see a magnificent sight of waterfall, here. Don’t worry from the Tiu Kelepwaterfall; you just need 30-minute walk to get there.

  1. Air TerjunJerukManis

As its name, “Air Terjun” means waterfall. This waterfall is located on East Lombok, exactly inside the Mount Rinjani National Park. Thus, it is no wonder if the entrance fee is a bit high as it is included in the entrance fee of the National Park. You need to prepare 150.000 IDR or about $15. You must hike about 1,5 km before reaching this waterfall.

  1. Tiu Teja Waterfall

This waterfall also located near the Mount Rinjani National Park. Exactly at Santong village,Kayangandistrict of North Lombok regency, you may find this infamous Tiu Teja waterfall. Even though it is located on the Mount Rinjani National Park, you don’t have to pay any entrance fee when you go there.

  1. MangkuSakti Waterfall

In Sajang village of Sembalun district, you can visit the MangkuSakti waterfall. Located in the East Lombok regency, the beauty of this waterfall can be seen freely without any charge.

  1. OtakKokok Waterfall
    As it has been known, there are so many Lombok’s refreshing waterfalls which is located on the East Lombok regency. In Pesanggrahan district, there is an infamous waterfall calledOtakKokok waterfall. Many tourists don’t know about this waterfall, but you can’t disregard its beautiful shape. You also don’t have to pay when you are visiting this waterfall.
  2. Air TerjunBenangStokel

If you are wandering in Central Lombok regency of West Nusa Tenggara, you can visit this waterfall. It is in the Aik Berik village of North Batukliang district. There’s no entrance fee so you can wander around easily, too.

So, which one of them that you are planning to visit when you are going to Lombok? All waterfalls in the list of Lombok’s refreshing waterfalls above are recommended, so you don’t have to be worried in visiting one of them only. Go have fun and enjoy your trip!

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