Semarang Tourist Attraction for Your Next Vacation

Semarang, Indonesia, might not become your first destination when listing the place to visit in the holiday since most of people do not know the real beauty of this city. Semarang has a lot of great attractions that can be explored whenever you visit Indonesia. Actually, Semarang is famous for its richness in cultural and historical buildings. However, there are also a bunch of natural beauty and any other Semarang tourist attraction sites that are iconic. Look at the historic buildings, most of them are designed well whether in classic European decoration and traditional concept. Then, it creates a great and wonderful combination to be memorized for your vacation experience. Semarang really treasures the beauty of its tourism sites well whether it is for the view or the architecture.

Aside from the traditional and historical buildings, Semarang has much more attractions and natural sightseeing to soothe the soul and eyes when you visit them. Then, let’s explore some places in the list below to ensure you that Semarang tourist attraction sites are really worth it to be visited for your next vacation.

  • Pandanaran Park. This park is the most famous park in this city. It is one of the icons of Semarang city and become a great tourist attraction. There is a good spot to take a photo; it is in around the statue of Warak Ngendog. For local people, this park is a great place where you can enjoy the time by feeling the atmosphere and watching the busy road. It also can be used as an area for jogging around. It will be a great place for you to have a little picnic with your family.
  • Contemporary Art Gallery. If you love the arts, then this place will be the must-visited destination place when visiting Semarang. This exhibitions offer a large amount of contemporary arts from so many talented artists from Indonesia. There has been some reconstruction in the past to create today building architecture. You only need to pay the ticket for about 10.000 IDR; you will be able to enjoy the spectacular artworks in this place.
  • Umbul Sidomukti. The location is in Sidomukti Village. It offers a great package for your relaxing holiday. The most famous feature in this place is Mineral Spring Park. There, you will find outbound area, Pondok Wisata, Pondok Lesehan, swimming pool, camp site, and many others. It is such a perfect choice if you want to have any outbound activities for your family holiday.
  • Semarang China Town. The locals call it as Pecinan, located in nearby Kota Lama. The highlight of this place is the shrine and the foods. If you have a plan to come there, you should not miss the delicious culinary of it and it is specifically located in Semawis. There are also many good spots for you to take pictures.

Those Semarang tourist attraction points are only a few kinds that can be listed. There are still so many attractions in this city you can explore when visiting Semarang. This city has more than heritage traditional architecture; it treasures more beauty of the sightseeing and the attractions. Do not forget to bring your camera to capture every single moment you make there!


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